photo by dr borbeaux



Coconuts are fully mature around 14 months...

At which point they turn greyish brown & fall off the tree.

These fully mature coconuts are called brown coconuts.


Watch this 3min video to understand the lifecycle of the coconut.

Coconuts come in lots of colors!

Most people think only young coconuts are green.

but you cant judge a coco by its color!


As a coconut matures the meat & water inside change..

Coconuts are edible at MANY different stages of maturity.

(each having a unique flavor, nutritional content & use)


Young cocos are prized as a refreshing drink, low in sugar and rich in electrolytes.

Middle age nuts are sweeter and have a soft, edible meat inside.

Mature coconuts have thick meat (rich in healthy fats), and are used to make milk, creme & oil