FAQ (freakin awesome questions)

alot of people have questions about coconuts, let's answer them!

if u have a question which isnt listed here, contact us we'll research it & find the answer

Are green nuts the younger ones?

There are MANY varieties of Coconuts rangeing in color from orange to tan, greens, browns, reds... even white! The color on the outside does NOT dictate age. Except in final stage of maturity. When a coconut if fully mature (usually around 14months) they all look the same. These are the brown coconuts which ironically are actually greyish.


How long after planting will a coconut fruit?

It TOTALLY depends. A coconut planted properly in a well suited place can fruit in just over 3 years (yes we've documented it firsthand). While a poorly planted coconut in an unideal situation may never fruit. Checkout our planting guide to ensure your coconut will have the best start possible.


Do coconuts keep ripening after they are picked?

We wish. Generally, coconuts stay in the stage that they were picked in. Though brown coconuts do evolve into sprouters and we have heard stories that shakers can evolve into sprouters as well.

Where can I buy coconuts?

The best place to buy coconuts (actually the best place to buy ALL your food) is at the farmers market. The food is fresh and 100% of the proceeds go directly to the farmers. No matter where u live find your local farmers market and buy there! On Maui? Then you HAVE to go to the upcountry farmers market, on Saturday morning 7 - 10am.


How long do coconuts stay good for?

Because each age of coconut is different, it depends. The younger coconuts, poppers - spoonmeat cocos, tend to "go off" the earliest. We try to avoid eating/drinking them after 5-7 days. Older, more mature cocos, like shakers keep much longer, up to a month. While the fully mature brown nuts can stay good for even longer (sailors would fill the bowels of thier ships with husked cocos & sail for months). No matter what age, storing your cocos somewhere cool & shaded helps them keep longer and like all fruit, fresh is always best. 



Can you use coconut water for a blood tranfusion?

In theory, but you probably shouldnt.  People love to pass iformation they read on facebook or heard as fact. There is ONLY one documented case of coconut water used for blood transfusion. Experts believe it could be dangerous (coconut is high in potassium). That doesnt mean coconut water isnt good for u, it just means you should put it in your mouth, not your IV.


How long until a brown coconut sprouts?

Every coconut is different, but most coconuts will sprout in 1 to 5 months. To increase the chances of sprouting you can soak the coconut in fresh, chlorine free water for a few days. The coconut will get heavy (saturated with water). Keep in mind some brown coconuts you find may have fallen a long time ago and may no longer be viable seeds. Freshly dropped coconuts are much more likely to sprout.