Coconut Milk

Try this incredible coconut milk recipe, we promise you'll never go back to store bought cans again.


One older, shaker coconut

1 or 2 rubber or spoonmeat coconuts

Step 1

Split the coconut in half by tapping firmly around the circumfrence.

Tip: you can use any hard surface, i'm using the back of my machete in this picture, but a cleaver or even a stone works too.

Scrape out the meat using a coconut tool or butter knife, cut into 2" pieces.


Step 2

Fill a high powered blender halfway with coconut pieces & top with water.
We recomend the water from a sweet coconut, but you can use plain H20 
If so, add a teaspoon of honey & tiny pinch of salt.

Tip: make sure water is at least 73 degrees

(otherwise oils wont emerge)

Blend on high for 30 - 45 seconds
Tip: Coconut meat is tough, gradually increase blender to high speed
(avoids over heating)



Step 3

Strain through nutmilk bag.

Squeeze it and work out every bit & put into a jar.
Fill the jar all the way to top & keep ice cold.