guide to opening coconuts

If you've never opened a coconut before, dont worry!

Your 1st one might take 5 minutes, second a minute or so

By your 3rd time you will probably get it open in just a few seconds :)

In Fiji we met kids as young as 8, who open dozens of cocos daily, so you can too!

It helps to understand that three are 3 types of coconuts & each is opened with different tools.

video on 3 types of coconuts

Young coconuts or "poppers" are the easiest of all ages to open. You’ll want a brazilian “coconut key”, the best invention ever! Use it to pry off the “cap” and pierce using the key, pushing all the way into the coco (water may come shooting out, hence nickname popper).Twist as you pull up, removing the cork. Its that simple!


young coconuts

the shell (4) and can see the white meat. Pierce the meat, pour water into a container & set aside. Flip coconut over & spllit the it in 1/2 by chopping firmly parallel to the grain (5) It helps to imagine a line from the cap to tip (thats where you want to whack it) Using your hands, pry the two pieces apart (6) & access the meat.

Your fist one may take 10 minutes, but dont worry, with practice you’ll be doing it perfect in no time!

spoon & rubber meat coconuts

Macheteing open a coconut can be intimidating the first time. But once u understand the basics it's an easy task anyone can do. We always open ours on a stump (1) it keeps the coco off the ground & clean. Hold the coco at a slight angle (2) keeping your hand protected & away from where you'll be chopping. Chop down, removing pieces of the husk (3) with each whack until you are through

Video Lesson on 3 dfferent types of coconuts