guide to planting coconuts

Coconut trees can live 100+ years, producing over thousands of coconuts in it's lifetime!


Theres never been a better time in history then NOW to plant a coconut tree.

Coconuts are multi-generational plants, its likely your efforts will feed your kids & even your GRANDKIDS.

Pick a spot where it can grow tall without dropping nuts on house or pathway.

Clear away any weeds & loosen the soil by digging yourself a good hole.

Hawaiian tradition was to bury a octopus at the bottom but fish scraps work great too!

Mix in some compost, few handfuls of beach sand

Sprinkle a shovelfull of ash from your last bbq (full of potassium).

Stir well.

Place your baby coconut treecoconut ABOVE ground and mulch around it.

Mulch can be wood chips, cardboard, lawn trimmings or all the above.


Water well.

You’ll be amazed how fast it can grow, fruiting in just 3 -5 years with proper care!