Veal of Veganism

No doubt you have heard the benefits of eating fresh young sprouts. Newborn baby greens enjoy much popularity and fame in the raw food world. Alfalfa, sunflower, and even pea sprouts are common ingredients on many menus. Sprouts or “microgreens” are known to be rich in enzymes & life forces. Indeed they are powerful.

Freshly sprouted greens fuel some of the largest mammals on earth. Horses, gorillas and elephants build their strong muscles on a diet of almost all young greens. But not all sprouts are created equal. One rarely tasted sprout in particular, is unlike any other.

Coconut sprouts are much harder to find then alfalfa or sunflower. They are not available in grocery stores or even the most cutting edge health food spots. That rarity makes them all the more alluring.

Yet, to the people of Fiji, Samoa or the Philippines, eating a sprouted coconut is no big deal. They aren’t consumed all too often, rather they are considered a healthy jungle snack. People of these lands have access to an abundance of coconut sprouts, as their countries produce an EXCESS of coconut.  Here in Hawaii, sadly that is not the case.  We do not have a surplus of coconuts — in fact tons of coconut commodities are bizarrely IMPORTED to our islands. 

Which raises the question, is it right to eat a young coconut sprout? If you eat one, you get a tasty meal. If you plant one, it can grow to produce thousands of meals. Your children will likely eat from it, and your grandchildren as well.  A coconut tree can live for a hundred years, continually producing food each and every month. Many say it is the single greatest step one can make towards sustainability.

Each individual sprout has the potential to change our food system.
But only if it is planted…

Being a conscious being goes beyond ranking foods based on “antioxidants” and “enzymes”.  To be conscious means to be aware of our actions… what is right, what is wrong, what is sacred.  Eating a sprouted coconut may seem like a cool exotic delicacy. But the karmic baggage of prematurely ending the life of such an incredible plant makes it more like the veal of veganism, the shark fin soup of health food.

It is said that sowing seeds is to believe in the future. Cultivating food, adding to this world instead of only taking is a deeply rewarding experience. Giving back to the the land (the aina) which gives so much to us, is our sacred duty.

If you’ve been procrastinating planting your yard, we have great news… the timing could not be better!  Spring has officially arrived and right now, the entire planet is (literally) tilting in your favor. Longer days mean more sunlight, more solar energy to fuel plant growth.  Spring is known as the time of sprouting, that magical moment which completes the circle of life.  By completing the process of planting, harvesting and eating we gain a genuine sense of goodness & a deeper understanding of our existence on earth.

I invite you to a meal of a delicious coconut sprout, just a few short years from now… grown on a tree you planted yourself!

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