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Coconut Milk


1 shaker coconut 

water of drinking coconut


Husk or chop a shaker coconut in half using machete or axe. Scoop out meat using curved coconut tool. Rinse meat, place in blender, top with coconut water & blend. Strain through nutmilk bag, squeezing hard to get all liquid out. 


Get yourself a good strong nutmilk bag, it’s worth the investment. 

The water temperature needs to be at least 75 degrees for this recipe to work. In cold water the oils won’t emulsify, leaving your milk bland and watery. On cold Hawaii mornings you can avoid this by heating water on stove for just a minute.

Pour your finished milk into mason jars, filling all the way to the absolute brim. Minimizing the amount of air in the jar keeps the flavor fresh and fresh is always best.

Coconut Noodles


2 spoonmeat coconuts

2 tbsp shoyu 

1 tbsp coconut oil


Machete open coconuts, set water aside, split in half. Remove meat using a coconut buddie. Wash meat under cold water, removing shell residue with potato peeler. Lay meat on cutting board & cut into noodle shaped strips. Put in a hot pan with the coconut oil. Brown noodles on medium high heat, stir as needed. Add shoyu, sizzle for another minute & serve.


If you don’t have any shoyu, you can substitute braggs liquid aminos or coconut aminos and add a pinch of smoked salt.


Fijian Palusami

Inspired by a lovo (earthen oven) recipe, this traditional recipe will give u a taste of Fijian aloha. You will need to gather several golf ball size rocks and several tea leafs to give ur recipe genuine flavor & earthern mana. In fiji corned beef or canned fish is typically added, skip the processed meat & do them veggie…. meat-lovers tell us this is one of their favorites. By cooking in coconut shells you will avoid washing a single dish :)

Like most things island style, prepping this feast is best done in a group because making them is almost as fun as eating them. Invite some friends over and try this one soon!

50 taro leaves

3 onions chopped,

5 medium garlic cloves

1 quart coconut cream 

Hawaiian sea salt


rinse taro leaves in cold water & lay out into 3 piles large, medium & small

place 4 or 5 leaves atop one another, alternating direction, largest on bottom smallest atop

holding in cupping fashion, add onion, garlic & salt

carefully laddle cream into leaf bowl 

close bowl with hands & place into coconut shell

stack into you pot

steam for 2 hours, adding water as nessary


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