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Really want to send some love your way right now.

Just sharpened my machete (which was a gift from you) & opened 8 coconuts in one whack each.

Now I'm digging out the meat with my fancy coconut tool (which I got from you, too).

& am about to whip up a batch of coconut milk (that you taught me how to make).


Not long ago, I was hurling nuts at the asphalt with all my might,

(trying to get the fuckin thing to open) and now I'm a pro.


Big big Mahalos to you and the role you played in making cocos such a big part of our diet :)

Mana REALLY appreciates it too:)


- Autumn Ness

Maui community leader, GMO activist & mother

I love your coconut oil. I know you recomended it as a skin serum but i've been using it as a make-up remover, lash nourishment, lip balm, nail stregthner, eye cream, shaving gel & to get rid of fizz in my hair. Thank you so much, keep up the good work! 


- Jordan Payne

professional model

Hi. I picked up the coconut milk yesterday and WOW that tastes amazing! I've been getting the Silk brand ones and after having the real deal, it doesn't even compare. My son has been doing a lot better with the coconut milk vs dairy. I want to get some from you on a regular basis if possible. Please let me know how we might be able to. Mahalo again for the milk. Mind blown!


- Janice Simeon

mother of 4 & wife of TOP CHEF sheldon simeon

Your coconuts 101 class by is a life changer! After reversing my cervical cancer naturally about 4 years ago, I've been diligent to keep learning about nutrition. However, I still always seemed to be on the verge of illness. I attended your class because i knew that quite a few great raw recipes that I

ve eaten contain coconut in some form and since i live in hawaii, felt like knowing, at least, how to open one might be important.


To my surprise, the fresh coconut milk that we tried at class tasted NOTHING like the flat, weak coconut milk that you find in the refridgerator section of the market. It was EVERY bit as satisfying as cow's milk  (a taste that I more or less deprive myself of but one I grew up on and felt like nothing could compare to). Cutting open the coconuts is no longer a frightening impossibility. Ryan showed us exactly how to pick and cut every stage of coconut.


But, the best part of the class for me came as a complete surprise, and hours later. It was the HUGE amount of energy I gained. I learned that coconut oil (present in the milk) is full of medium chain fatty acids MCFA's. Just to "see for myself" if my new energy level was for real, right before bed I took a couple more tablespoons of straight coconut oil. To my pleasant surprise, I woke up BEFORE my alarm clock, completely LOADED with REAL ENERGY.

Thank you so much!


- Stephanie Constantino

artist & gmo activist


I've had a lifelong struggle with eczema and have tried countless remedies for managing my flareups.  As all eczema sufferers know, our skin need constant management and treatment through proper diet and skin care to reduce the chances of having flareups.  I've tried everything from strong steroid creams to honey, and none have worked as well as your oil!  


I mean WOW, thank you!!  It absorbs quickly and instantaneously relieves the intense burning and itchiness.  It leaves my skin calm with no redness or greasy residue AND not to mention the moisturizing and anti-bacterial benefits to preventing the flareup from spreading further! Its a complete win/win situation with a single pure and natural ingredient. I couldn't be more happier with this oil.  If you are looking for a sustainable AND natural alternative for managing your eczema then I would highly recommend using your oil.



- Charlene Quan

designer & creator of true story clothing company



Hi! I just wanted to say thank you so much for sending the extra goodies in my coconut oil order last week.

I gave the extra oil to my sister, who just had a baby and she loves it. I about died and went to heaven when I tried the scrub as well.


I'm not into fancy skin care, or expensive serums and creams. I just want to do something that feels great and and is good for my skin...It's the largest organ of my body, so I should treat it well. The skin serum from Coconut Information feels silky smooth, smells like a tropical vacation, and is completely organic. I smother myself with it every day, and I can do so without worrying about covering myself with chemicals or perfumes.

I'm a coco convert. Thanks!


- Kristin Counter

Coco Convert