Coconut Tools

It can be intimidating to open cocos, but with the right tools its really quite easy

Brazilian Coconut Key
also called a "poker" or "popper"

Used to open young coconuts - poppers and jellynuts, a coconut key is one of the most essential coconut tools to own.

you can also use "cane knife"

Used to open and split coconuts of all ages, u simply have to own & understand how to use a machete in order to live a coconut life.

"the" Coconut Tool
or a coconut meat knife

Used to remove the meat from rubber meat to brown nuts, this handy tool will save you many cuts & curses than using a butter knife

Husking Stick
easy to make

Used to remove the husk from shakers and  brown nuts. A great tool to have, simply shave to a point & sand (you dont want it too sharp).

also called a "shredder"

Used scrape or shred the meat off a shaker or brown coconut, an essential tool to millions of living around the world off coconuts who dont have power

a must have

A essential tool, the stump keeps your coconuts off the ground & you off your knees. Find the one at your perfect chopping hieght & your life will be MUCH better.

Used to splits cocos in half quickly, in order to scrape out the meat. A machete can be used, but an axe is by far superior

dont be afraid