Coconut Yogurt

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For thousands of years people around the world have enjoyed the taste and benefits of probiotic foods.
Probiotics are living foods, rich in beneficial bacteria.
One of the most well known probiotics is yogurt.  


Here in Hawaii we have an abundant and affordable alternative to dairy yogurt.
Coconuts are ALWAYS in season & coconut yogurt is ridiculously easy to make.
Its fun and takes only 15 minutes (including clean up) to make.


(makes 1 quart of yogurt)
3 Spoonmeat cocos
Starter of your choosing
(starters can be purchased online or you can use a scoop of your favorite yogurt)

Open cocos, drain water & set aside.
Remove the meat & clean by shaving off inner shell
(a potato peeler works great).

Blend the meat with a small amount of coconut water.
Use the stick to pulverize until it takes on a smooth consistency.

Pour mixture into glass or ceramic bowl, not metal.
Use a wooden or plastic spoon (again no metal) to stir in your probiotic mixture.

Well done!
You have just started your first yogurt culture.
Cover the bowl with a towel & place in a warm place.
You’ll need to wait 24 hours for the culture to mature.

After a full 24 hour taste, it should have that classic yogurt tang.

Put into mason jar & keep in the fridge till you are ready to serve.
Top with fruit of the season and enjoy!

Please keep in mind not every probiotic is the same
(there are thousands of strains)
When experimenting with new strains start small
Try a little, listen to your body and trust your gut.