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Our coconut story.

How a hobby became a job and then a farm.

10 years ago we set off on a personal journey to eat more local grown food. We swore off all imported products, started a veggie garden and began procuring coconuts from the farmers market. The goal was to make each meal 100% Maui grown. The more we learned about coconuts the deeper we fell in love with them. No other plant seemed as productive, sustainable, useful or hardy.

Our search for the freshest coconuts eventually lead us up into the trees themselves. Working without pay, we traded labor for a share of the coconuts, which we took home processed and distributed. Friends stopped by our apartment for weekly pick-ups, we ran a booth at the wednesday farmers market and a door-to-door delivery service dubbed "the coconut milkman" was started. Passion had transformed into a career of some sort. The work was joyful. A decade went by climbing trees, harvesting and processing literally thousands upon thousands of coconuts. Life was bliss. 

We noticed that intimidation prevented most people from learning the skills needed to open their own coconuts. Ironically many Maui locals had never tasted homemade coconut milk, made a local grown curry, enjoyed real coconut ice cream or sipped a true pina colada.

So in 2012 we hosted our first pop up coconut cooking classes teaching the community how to do just that. It started in our friends backyards, at farmers markets, even in the occasional parking lot. Rain or shine the events always sold out, the public was as eager to learn about coconuts as we were passionate to teach. Eight years later we are still living our dream job, connecting people with the greatest plant on earth. 

In 2015 we established our farm in Haiku. The first few years were spent clearing out invasive trees, making room for our orchards. Still a baby, our farm is growing up fast with coconuts, starfruit, bananas, avocados, ulus and jackfruit already in fruit production. We now have the honor of hosting our coconut cooking classes in our own backyard incorporating hand picked ingredients, treating visitors to an authentic, sustainable culinary experience 

Thank you for visiting our website, we hope to see you on our farm soon!