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Maui Fire Update

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

We are ok. Most everyone we know from Lahaina lost everything.

If you have a tv, radio or social media account then you already know about the fire storm that devastated Lahaina. You’ve probably seen more footage than us living here. Many have been reaching out asking how they can help.

Wahikuli on left, looking down towards northern tip of Mala area at lower right corner, Mala restaurant still intact.

Supplies are flowing in from everywhere. Civilians have done an incredible job taking care of one another despite blockades by federal and state agencies. Food, water, gas, propane etc are flowing now. The generosity, selflessness and hard work of the people of Hawaii has been inspirational to see. The big bureaucratic machine is now beginning to move. On behalf of our farm we humbly ask you - please do not make donations to any large already funded organizations. There is no shortage of funds going into those organizations.

What is needed now are donations sent directly to Lahaina families who lost everything. They need empowerment now, not in weeks or months after the money has filtered through gigantic aid groups. One family that is very close to us is the Caprioni ohana. Frank and his wife Laura left Lahaina with 2 pillows and a change of clothes. Those are now their only possessions after 25 years together in their house, which was leveled along with nearly their entire town. They could use your direct help.

PAYPAL - or 808-205-0677

VENMO - @Frank-Caprioni

Frank and Laura’s home was built on love. Positivity and gratitude dominated the conversation there. Their encouragement played a part in what is now our farm and cooking school. They were always welcoming and never complained when we clogged their tiny outdoor walkway to store and process hundreds of coconuts between tree jobs in Lahaina. “Mama Laura” was a pastry chef at Choice Health Bar. That epic dessert you ate on any visit in the last 10 years was made by her. The Caprioni home was also base camp for two grandchildren, who visited often from Hana.

If you are looking to help - A donation sent directly too them (or other Lahaina families) is the best way to help.

Post Script -

If possible take a break from watching the bad news on tv and social media. Staying glued to your device does not help you or the people here. Instead hug the people you love wherever you are. Life is a short gift, it should be filled with aloha.

Wise people around here keep saying - Recovery will be a marathon, not a sprint.

If possible please stay with the people of this special town to the end. We are already brainstorming how our farm can morph into what is needed in the recovery / replanting efforts. Blessing to you and your family wherever you are.

- Ryan

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Betsy Hurley
Betsy Hurley
2023년 8월 13일

Sent donation per Venmo yesterday Ryan. Thank you for doing this. 🙏 for you all.

Betsy and Mike

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