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Coconut Bacon Recipe

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

The word "bacon" stirs emotion in people. Meateaters begin to salivate simply upon hearing the word while vegetarians cringe upon its mention, envisioning factory farm cruelty and environmental catastrophe.

Bacon draws a line in the sand, black & white, good vs evil. It seemed unlikely that the two parties would ever compromise. Yet in our farm kitchen we’ve watched meat eating husbands and vegan wives connect over this recipe, mutually agreeing “I could eat this everyday”.

Easy to make, coconut bacon can spice up salads, be added into wraps, sandwiches, used as a garnish for bloodymarys or just enjoyed on its own.

When serving to meat eaters, we suggest not telling them it is coconut, they won’t be able to tell the difference. Be sure to let any vegans know in advance, bc the taste is so spot on that they may not know the difference either.


2 spoon meat coconuts

Liquid smoke

Soy sauce

Pepper grinder


Chop open coconuts setting water aside

Split cocos in half & remove meat using flexible spatula

Cut meat into bacon like strips


Add 1 tbsp coconut oil to large flat bottom pan

Heat oil just below smoking point

Place bacon strips into pan

Drip one or two drops of liquid smoke on each strip

Add dash of soy sauce & light sprinkle of pepper

Cook for 2-3 minutes (until brown)

Flip & repeat seasoning on second side

Serve immediately.

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